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River Cruise

A new perspective on Safari
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There is something peaceful about the way the Zambezi River, forcefully, yet lazily,
meanders through the surrounding floodplains beneath a shimmering African sun. Scattered with hippo, laden with crocodiles, crowded with fish, the Zambezi is an aquatic wonderland open for exploration and appreciation.
The Zambezi River is best explored by boat. Our custom-made boats are stable and secure, providing the perfect platform for photographic pursuits, fishing or observing Africa’s natural generosity. In Zambia, the perfect afternoon is often characterized by a river cruise, where elephant wade from island to island through the river, hippos grunt in an endless jostle for territory, fish eagles cry mournfully overhead while the water turns crimson, reflected against a setting sun.


What kind of boat will we be in?

For the best experience on the Zambezi River, we use either flat-hulled aluminum boats with 60-horsepower engines, or fibre-glass pontoons.

When can I enjoy a boat trip?

Our river cruises can be arranged for any time of the day, for a varied and refreshing game viewing perspective. All river expeditions are well equipped refreshments and snacks, whether for morning tea or a sensational sunset sundowner.

Do you have safety precautions on the boats?

Each of our boats are equipped with life jackets, fire extinguishers, two-way radios and an anchor. Our boats range from between three and four years old and are serviced every two months to ensure they are fully operational.