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Casting for Tiger on the Zambezi
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The picturesque Zambezi River is lauded for more than just its wild land inhabitants. The African tiger fish is a thrilling catch, a ferocious conquest, luring fishermen from across the globe to the banks of the Zambezi year-after-year to participate in an adrenaline-fueled encounter with this iconic fishing game.
Anabezi provide anglers endless opportunities to catch and release these famous fish. Long hours peacefully absorbing the beauty of the Zambezi are frequently disturbed by a fierce tug on the rod, precipitating a battle of wills as fishermen wrestle their 20lb prize from the water. Our river guides know this stretch of the river intimately and can provide expert advice to both experienced anglers and novice fishermen alike. While we provide all necessary equipment for your fishing adventure, fly fishermen are advised to bring their own rods and tackle.


When can I fish on the Zambezi River?

The best time to fish is between April and the end of November.

Do you practice sustainability?

We have a strict catch and release policy for all species in the Zambezi River. For more information about the type of equipment we recommend, be sure to contact us.

What is a Tiger Fish?

The tiger fish is a prize African game fish, native to the lakes and rivers of southern Africa. They have hugely impressive jaws and are renowned for their ferocious character, remarkable tenacity and powerful determination to evade capture.